A quote has thrilled my heart. The quote is as follows:

"If you don't design your own life, then you will take part in someone else's life designs"

Is the above quote true or not?

Yes or No?


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The million dollar questions…

Why are you here? Why does God send you here with limited time? What is your purpose?


This book is written based on the author’s personal experience in realizing his own life. The life that he designed and embodied together with the power of God contained in every human being.

This book does not teach you how to hack God. It is impossible. However, this book teaches us how to hack ourselves. But because inside of us there is a part of the strength and nature of God that He “blows” in the time we are still in the womb of our mother. A spirit. Soul. Life. Call it anything, but everything is the same. We are part of God. Some of us are part of God. Therefore, when we hack ourselves, then automatically some of us hack some part of God that is within us.

This book begins with a law, a law that always works in this world, as well as the law of gravity, this law is known as the Law of Attraction (LOA). From the law that is in harmony with what is said by God that when we do the slightest thing, then God will reward him. Just like the law of attraction, whatever we think and do will return back to our lives. In this section, the author explains the concept of the unconscious mind and how it turns out that the subconscious mind is what controls one’s life. Then it is also explained about human existence as a companion to the creation process for God. The co-creator of God.

Furthermore, this book will open the first principle in designing life, namely Purpose aka Life Purpose. One of the biggest questions that often comes to mind is “Why are you here? Why did God send me to this world with a very limited time? How can I make it better? What is my goal “

Maybe it’s not just the Author who has a great question mark like the questions above, who from time to time try hard to open the veil and look for an answers to these questions. And everyone must have their own unique answers even though most people have more general answers such as “My goal in this world is to work and have fun” or other general answers like “I want to be like a Rockstar, a rich young man, old spree and die go to heaven!“ (really good, right? Hehehehe …) and various other general answers.

As you know, we are all born into this world with every unique goal. This is what distinguishes the type of successful person from most ordinary people. Those who are considered successful, have specific and clear life goals and they believe in their goals and they also work hard to make it happen with all the passion and dedication they can give. Humans are individual and unique creatures, even for humans who are born twins with differences in birth time in only a one second difference range! Therefore, the purpose of human life or life design must also be made individually and not general. In this section, the author wants to invite readers to find their true purpose in life. The starting point in designing your life.

The second principle in this book will explore the Believe System and Gratitude. After being introduced to the subconscious mind, this section also describes mental barriers, which become a servo mechanism in life. What’s interesting about this section is about changing relationships with money. How the author invites readers to the level of quantum physics, where all objects in this universe are connected. Unity. Then in the second part discussed about one of the greatest strengths in changing your life is through gratitude. Also discussed are mind cleansing techniques or cleaning negative emotions through an ancient Hawaiian technique called Ho’oponopono. This technique is also one of the techniques of “Hacking God” by hacking your past. You hack your past to make it easy for God and other positive emotions to enter into your life right now. You will be ready to expand. Take off.

The third principle, namely 3A: Ambition, Action and Attitude. The author invites readers to distinguish between ambition and obsession. People who have ambitions when they don’t get their goals from their desires or designs, they will try to get their goals in other ways, or maybe make other goals. Unlike people who are obsessed, if they cannot achieve the goals they set, the tendency for depression will be even greater. Also remember that the greater the design of life, the greater the ambition needed. Choose your ambitions wisely. Avoid excessive ambitions that lead to excessive obsession. Action or taking action is the basic foundation of your life’s design. In this section the author invites the reader to immediately take action, but not just regular action, but more than that. In the last part of the third principle, attitude, the author wants to remind the reader about attitude. Attitude is also important for us to have so that we do not have a sense of arrogance, feeling great and so forth. All of us are just students of life who, while still alive, are still breathing, will continue to be side by side and depend on the Almighty, the Most Rich, the Most Smart, and the Most Other. Stay humble. Your attitude will determine how far you can make your life design come true.

In the fourth principle, 4P: Passion, Patience, Persistence and Performance is a combination of principles that are very powerful if owned by someone when they start designing and realizing their life design. Readers will be invited into the 4P principles that are very much needed in realizing all the life designs that have been made before. The 4P principle is a principle that only individuals which possess a winning mentality. The champion of life.

Enter the final part, namely the number five principle aka 5D: Devotion, Drive, Discipline, Dedication, Determination. In this chapter, the author wants to invite his readers to re-connect with God through devotion. Recognizing God’s language. Language of the Universe. While drives are needed by life designers to determine strategies in designing life. Discipline, Dedication, Determination is closely related to the condition of not giving up, not to be outdone to life, stubborn towards the goal. Between the goals and manifestations or manifestations of your life design there are dedication, encouragement, discipline, determination, dedication, and hard work. Working hard doesn’t mean you only do things that you like, working hard means you have to be willing to do things you don’t like.

Hacking God. Design Your Own Life

These five principles are what you need to do to be able to realize the design of your dream life. The life you designed yourself.

When you decide that you are the person responsible for the design of your own life, you will be the creator of your own life. You will be a partner to God. You will become an infinite being because you are part of God.

Final words that I would like to say:
“Congratulations on designing and realizing your own life. I will wait for you at the peak of life! “

Sincerely yours,
Dimas Satya Lesmana


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The Law of Attraction

“Every event that you experience in your life, good or bad, happens because you yourself attract it into your life”

Learn more

Principle #1



“What is the purpose of God sending me to this world with a very limited time?”


Principle #2: Believe and Be Grateful

“The best thing I’ve ever done is thank God and always believe in myself …”


Principle #3: Ambition, Action, Attitude

“Our opinions and knowledge eventually become insignificant, what matters is our ambitions, actions and attitudes towards them.”


Principle #4:

Passion, Patience, Persistence, Performance

“Without desire you will not have energy, without energy you will not produce anything”

Donald J. Trump



Principle #5: Devotion, Drive, Discipline, Dedication, Determination

“I am not a lucky person, I put my devotion to God, the encouragement of life, discipline, dedication, and strong determination to achieve the design of life that I have set for myself”



Readers Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our readers say:

Living deliberately is a classic concept that is widely embraced and lived by Sufis. Where can be simply interpreted the meaning of living deliberately is life intentionally. Live according to choice and each choice is chosen intentionally. Living deliberately makes life “responsible” for the consequences of an action taken. This book teaches the teachings of Sufis in the present language. How do you design your life …

Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo

Bossman Sontoloyo, Die Hard Entrepreneur, Founder Cyronium dan Millionaire Mindset Bootcamp

You must be careful in reading this book. Because it’s like a sword, this book is a double-edged sword. If you are right in using it, then good will come. If not, get ready for danger!

Bayu Aji Prasetyo

Founder Makna Human Development

Thank you, Deemas Lesmana, for the book I received … This book is to teach how to hack yourself. Not how to hack God. But since you are part of God, then you are hacking you and God.
This book is a guide to redesigning our life goals and how to apply them to success in our hands. Buy 1 book = Summary of 27 reference books for success.

“Man is not just part of the situation, but the creator of the situation. He made his own situation, his own chance “Napoleon Hill

Good job bro, amazing book, great mood booster !!

Ahmad Nafis Majdi

SHE Foreman – Astra Group

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