10 Advices That You Must Listen To Before Learning Hacking God.

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want

10 Advices That You Must Listen To Before Learning Hacking God.

Never underestimate the influence of hacking yourself that results in a change of life through the hands of God. This post will be explaining 10 common mistakes most people make when they design their own life using the principle described in the book. So here is a short information for your references:

  1. The first mistake is that you do not believe with the Law of Attraction. This will destroy all the life design that we have created. We do not believe that we are what we think, believe and deserve. Hence, God will always said “Your wish is my command”
  2. Second is that you’re thinking that you are more powerful than God. No you don’t. You are a partner, the co-creator of God. Man can always design their own life, but God make the decision what is best for you. As the old saying “Man propose, God dispose.
  3. Third mistakes that common people do when exercising this hacking God book is that they do not find any specific and meaningful life purpose. This needs to be discussed in more post, but make sure when you try to find your life purpose, either through the Ikigai or the end of your life purpose, your death and funeral, you find a meaningful life purpose.
  4. The next mistakes is that you do not find your mental block in your past. As said, you need to find it in your past by connecting the dot. Walk through your past. Mostly your golden age (0-8 years). Find any wrong teaching, wisdom, etc that is installed in your sub-conscious level. I can guarantee that you have those kind of mental block in your past. You need to delete or replace it. Otherwise your life will be as servo mechanism that always blocking you to become the person you would like to be in your own life design.
  5. The fifth mistakes that people do when applying the Hacking God technique is that they do not practice gratitude. Not only practicing gratitude in advance, but also daily gratitude for the small stuff such as the air that you breath. Have you being grateful for the free air that has been provided since the day you were born?
  6. Next mistakes that people often do is related with releasing their past. Not accepting that they are in full charge of their own life’s. They bring all of their past burdens, all the negative emotions such as shame, feeling guilty, fear, anger and other negative emotions frequencies. People need to release this burdens. Hack your past and presents by saying the magic four words: I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you to all of this negative emotions.
  7. At number seven, the other common mistakes that people often do is related with their ambition. They do not have a big ambitions towards achieving their life goals. Only accepting life as it is. Not knowing that you can change it.
  8. The next mistakes is for sure, the most generic mistakes that people do. THEY DO NOT TAKE INSPIRED ACTIONS!
  9. The ninth mistakes is related with passion. People do not do the things that they love to do. We need to find our passion. Find what we love to do in order to accelerate the process of manifestation and this is related with patience. You will have the patience if you have the passion when doing things during manifesting your life design.
  10. The last is for sure, your hard work which includes your persistence, discipline, dedication and determination. Many people have grand life design but they do not want to pay for the price which is hard work.

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