4 Hacks to Design Your Own Life

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want

4 Hacks to Design Your Own Life

This article will explain to you the 4 hacking method to design your own life. Most millenials generation were known as the “lazy” generation. they wanted everything to be available instantly. This includes their definition of success. Their manifestation.

So here is 4 tips in hacking yourself (which you were also part of God, so you are also partially hacking God when you hack yourself)

Hack Your Past

You need to review your past. Try to explore your past. Try to remember all of those good old days when you were just a baby or a kid or a teenager or a college students etc. Sit back. Close your eyes. Go back to your past. And just memorized everything that had happened to you. You will find many good and bad things happened to you. Many of your paradigm today. Your mindset. Your thinking of how the world works are being planted during your golden ages, between 0-8 years, this is when your subconscious mind was open to any information, teachings, language, wisdom and other that will make up your mindset and paradigm later in your future. Find any mental barrier or any mental block that could have against your success later in the future. This is the hidden message. You need to explore your past in order to create a better future. Removes all of your barriers and mental block which was created in your past. Hack your past with forgiveness. Total forgiveness. Accept that you are the one who is responsible to what is happening in your past and in your present and even in your future. You are the one who is responsible. Do not blame anyone else or any circumstances.

When you have a bad memories or negative emotions with someone, such as your parents, or your siblings, or your spouse, or your friends, or anyone that have hurtled you in the past, you must give them gratitude. Say thank you. But not only say thank you to it, you must be able to release all of your previous negative memories (shame, guilt, grief, fear, anger, pain etc – see scale of consciousness) by clearing it. Release it. Don’t make it as a burden that burdens you. One of the best way to clear and release this negative memories is by using the ancient Hawaii  Ho’oponopono techniques that is popularized by Dr. Joe Vitale. The Ho’oponopono is simply saying the four magic words: I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You. Keep repeating this four words to your past. Your negative memories. It will help you release those anchor that burdens you much much easier. Once you release it, you will be ready to take off and expanded.

Hack Your Present

Your mind can be programmed. In fact, you are being programmed every day, throughout your life. By your parents, your friends, by the schooling system, media, social media, and more.

Mindfulness helps to become aware of the programming. Of subconscious patterns and behaviors. Mindfulness is a way to step out of the thought bubble, the place where our thinking and emotional life happens. Mindfulness is also a programming tool, a way to alter your patterns, a way to reprogram yourself.

Stop worrying for the things you can’t control. The mind hack is this: staying present in each moment’s experience. It is hard to worry when you are focused only on the present moment. Worry is typically always about the future, and occasionally about the past. It is nearly impossible to be anxious or worried when your mind is in the here and now. Hack your present with mindfulness.

Hack Your Future

Can we create our future? As we are the co-creator to God, do we have your agreement and permission that we can hack our future? How can we do that actually? We actually can hack our future by saying I am enough. Hack your future with I am enough. When you know that you are enough everyone around you will know that you are enough too. Your life will be so different and so much better when you can resonate your enoughness at a level that positively impacts your career, your relationships and your happiness levels. You can use the power of stating that you are enough, that you always have been and always will be, to achieve success in every key area of your life. When you say it, think it and believe it and make it an automatic and regular part of your life you can expect to see wonderful improvements in your relationships, in your career and in how you feel about yourself. A single, simple mantra such as “I am enough” can be the life
changing ingredient to forever alter their inner dialogue. So repeat after me:

“I’m always enough. I always will be enough. And because I know it, everyone around me know it too. I’m so lovable. I couldn’t be more lovable. I’m lovable because I’m me. I matter. I’m significant. I have a purpose. I’m here for a reason. There’s something on the planet I’m going to do better than anyone else. I’m not my past. I’m not my weight. I’m not my shape. I’m not my size. I’m not my salary. I’m not my apartment. I’m not my job description. What I am is lovable and enough and that’s never gonna change.”

Hack Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind cannot distinguish what is right and what is wrong. The subconscious will change fear-driven thinking into reality, as well as changing thoughts dominated by beliefs into reality. This is actually one of the gaps for people to be able to embed any program into the subconscious mind of humans. This is a gap that allow the “Hacking of God” mechanism. Humans can be rulers of themselves or their surroundings if they have the power to influence their subconscious. It is through the subconscious that humans can work together with unlimited power or what we often called as Divine power or God’s power.

Your thoughts are like the constant barrage of unwanted notifications you get from your phone. But here’s the thing: your phone has settings and you can turn off the notifications. You can put your phone on silent or airplane mode and all  of those hectic notifications suddenly disappear. You can achieve clarity. But your brain doesn’t have settings, so you can’t just shut off these thoughts.

Then how can you make any changes? You can clear your subconscious.  Just like your notifications are controlled by the programming in your phone, your thoughts are controlled by the programming in your subconscious. I described that your subconscious stores all your experiences, feelings, and memories, and creates the thought patterns you have based on that stored info. That seems like an unchangeable program, but there are some hacks:


The first way to change your subconscious programming is through affirmations. I swear by affirmations (and the science does too) but only the affirmations that feel real and empowering to you. Create a daily practice of empowering affirmations, and in time, you’ll begin to shift the way your subconscious mind creates negative and dis empowering thoughts.


To hack your subconscious mind, you need to practice visualization. We can use visualization and affirmations to program our minds to manifest the versions of ourselves we desire. Since the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between “reality” and imagination, we can use things like affirmations to prepare our minds to expect and operate how we wish. Some put this more concisely by saying we can reprogram our minds to be on the frequency we desire.

This is where the modern mantra hack comes to play. We can use our daily ritual of signing into our devices via a password to program our mind. Think about how many times you type the same meaningless password into your computer or phone. What if this was a positive affirmation which promoted the goals and experiences you desired? It would act not only as a daily conscious reminder of these goals, but also as a way to repetitively impress upon your subconscious mind the life and frequency you wish to obtain.

So I implore to try this little life hack. Choose a password that reminds you of what you want to accomplish, or of the person you wish to be. It will force you to engage with this ideal on a daily basis whether you are in a positive mindset or not. I think that is one of the biggest benefits of this practice. It is a way to promote your future self to continue growing. This coupled with the repetitive nature of password can really be powerful.


Another daily practice you can implement is gratitude. Taking time to be grateful each day actually reprograms you to notice more of the good things in life. It teaches you, little by little, to appreciate more. And that, my friend, will help you cultivate a more positive and empowering mindset. Those thoughts will shift!

But the best way to hack is not only regular gratitude, it is through a hacking mechanism called the gratitude in advance.

Give thanks in advance.

Instead of just feeling grateful for the blessings and beautiful things currently in your life, give thanks for all of the things you want to happen – as if they had already had.

If you’re in the habit of writing a gratitude diary or listing off gratitude’s at night in your head, mix up dreams that have come true with some of your current desires.

It works for 2 reasons:

  1. By associating your desires with things that have already come to pass, you’re making them feel much more likely and believable (great for your subconscious).
  2. You’re sending a powerful message to the Universe about what you want in your life and your positive expectations (the Universe loves clarity and positive energy).

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