We analyzed 5 Regular People and here’s what we found

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We analyzed 5 Regular People and here’s what we found

“It’s lonely at the top. 99% of people are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most competitive.”

-Tim Ferriss

Mediocre or regular type of people are those who spend their life living as average people. People who just does not hustle and just feel comfortable with that they are. There are clear differences between mediocre people and successful people’s daily habits. Successful people have daily success habits that help them to move toward their life purpose, whereas mediocre people have daily mediocre habits that keep them confined to a life of mediocrity.

In this article, we have manage to analyzed 5 regular people and here is what we found:

1. Lack of Responsibility

People with mediocre mentality and behavior always have someone to blame on, they never take responsibility, they are good in making excuse, they just never want any kind of responsibility because for them responsibility is kind of pressure, but people who want to grow above mediocrity take responsibility as an opportunity to improve, they never take it as a pressure. Hence don’t be mediocre, be a responsible person.

2. Procrastinate

People with mediocre mentality loves to delay their work, and If they achieve something in their life, they think that after reaching the top they can rest, they start feeling as if they have owned it and they will never be going to lose it, they forget that after reaching the top, they need to work harder in order to remain in that position. If they procrastinate then they will for sure see the downfall.

3. Why Me Mentality

People who have an average quality, who loves to stay average, they usually have victim mentality, they always say Why Me, they feel that the whole world is against them, they feel that God has given a bad life to them, and God doesn’t want him to be successful or happy, they feel that success is beyond their control. Hence with such mentality, they never try and always stay mediocre.

4. Always Defensive

People with mediocre behavior or mentality never open up towards feedback, they never give any feedback nor do they want to receive, they easily get defensive, if you try giving them feedback for their own benefit they start getting angry and in an extreme case they even start ignoring you, hence with such attitude they never come to know about where they can improve and where exactly improvement is needed and hence, as a result, they never learn from their mistake.

5. They set a low expectation

People with mediocre mentality set their bar so low that they stay pleased and happy with that same mediocre performance; they never raise their bar high with this they never come to know about their own potential and stay in that same average quality, hence to move above mediocrity set your bar high, move above your comfort zone.

6. Poor surrounding

You will notice for sure, people with mediocre mentality has mediocrity around them, they stay around people who are average in everything and they do not even find a need to improve they stay happy in that mediocrity and they never want to improve. Hence this poor surrounding influences and make others people also mediocre. Hence stay around people who seek knowledge who loves to learn and improve and who wants to grow above average quality.

Always understand that mediocrity is a choice, you have a choice to move out of that mediocrity, you have a choice to say “NO” to Mediocrity, hence say No and move out of that average mentality, attitude, quality and behavior.

Seek knowledge, learn, and improve.

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