Hacking God. Design Your Own Life.

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want

This book will try to help you get the life design that you want. How many people currently living without any plan or without a clear purpose and life design? On average, people do not have any plans or design for their own life, they just goes through life as it is and only become ordinary people who then die without ever leaving any trace or history for humanity or impact to the world and will never felt satisfied at the end of their life. 

It tooks a dedicated person with a clear vision and mission which could look beyond the future to be able to become an individual who can carve a history or create an impact in this world, people who know the answers to the great supreme questions “Why are you here? What is your purpose in this world?

This book gives a glimpse of my life experience in changing the situation from zero and collapsing to the conditions that match my dreams and purpose. The life that I made and designed in accordance with my own desires. A life where I have the right to set my own life and realize my dreams and my purpose in life. To make things happened. To bring joy and happiness.

This book consists of several parts and within each section will discuss specifically the parts needed for each person to be able to change the conditions of his life into a life that is in accordance with the design that they want. 

To really mastering the art of designing your life, you must have these 5 Principles which is 1P (Purpose), 2B (Believe and Be Grateful), 3A (Ambition, Action, Attitude), 4P (Passion, Patience, Persistence, Performance) and 5D (Devotion, Drive, Discipline, Dedication, Determination). All of these 5 Principles are described clearly in this book to help you achieve the life design that you’ve always wanted.

Therefore, enjoy every part of the book, and start designing your own life ahead. If you find benefits after reading this book, then please kindly share this book with anyone you feel the need to change their life to be even better. A life by you or their own design.

For all life designers out there, I salute you…!

Sincerely yours,

Dimas Satya Lesmana (dee)

IG: @deelesmana

Web: www.deelesmana.com 

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