Principle #2: Believe and be Grateful (2B)

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want


 “The best thing I’ve ever done is to trust myself …”

Believe is accepting (something) as true, feel sure of the truth of, to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

Believe is a condition of thought that can be created by means of repetition or affirmation or repeated instruction that is continuously given to our subconscious. It’s the same thing as we learn in school, if we want to install new learning or knowledge, we must be willing to learn to repeat the knowledge continuously until the knowledge is finally attached and installed in the memory of our brain or subconscious. For example, we memorize the basic multiplication since elementary school and sometimes we no longer need to use tools such as calculators to solve simple multiplications like one multiplied by five or five times ten, because all of them have been installed in our subconscious memory since we were a child.

In line with our beliefs about our life design, our purpose, we must be able to convince our subconscious that our life design is true and meaningful and we believe that we can achieve it. Because we already know the main key to designing life is to change our mindset or subconscious mind, then we must be able to make a holistic and realistic approach to be able to change our subconscious conditions. How? One most effective and efficient way is through repetition techniques called information repetitions or affirmations.

We will do repetition of information to the subconscious through the principle of affirmation or also known as self hypnosis or autosuggestion so that our subconscious can accept the concepts and goals that we make. Once you find your life design, then take full confidence that you are able to make it happened.

The believe system that we create are in our subconscious mindset level. You must felt confident that this is your mission in life and you must find a way to solve and achieve it. Once we know our life design, then we must put full believe and faith in it and try to realize and manifest it in our lives.

The subconscious mind cannot distinguish what is right and what is wrong. The subconscious will change fear-driven thinking into reality, as well as changing thoughts dominated by beliefs into reality. This is actually one of the gaps for people to be able to embed any program into the subconscious mind of humans. This is a gap that allow the “Hacking of God” mechanism. Humans can be rulers of themselves or their surroundings if they have the power to influence their subconscious. It is through the subconscious that humans can work together with unlimited power or what we often called as Divine power or God’s power.

Therefore, be careful about what you think about yourself and what you planted within your subconscious thoughts, you will reap that in your reality.

Our subconscious will receive all the commands given to him, and he will carry out all the commands sent and programmed through the principle of repetition or self hypnosis or autosuggestion. The power of the human mind can be likened to a land in a fertile garden, if we give enough seeds, fertilizers, water and sunlight, our land will produce beneficial plants, but if we ignore our gardens and land, then the result is mere shrubs.

Whatever you achieve right now, whether it’s good or bad, it’s attracted to you because of your thoughts. Because of your mind. Positive mind and thoughts will attract positive life and full of happiness, while negative mind and thoughts will attract negative things such as unhappiness and suffering.

Mental Block – the Servo Mechanism

One of the reasons we are not sure or we have not succeeded in realizing our life design is a disease called mental block. What is a mental block? A mental block is a part of you that prevents you from progressing. If it is still unclear for you, consider the following illustration. For example, you planned to open a business. When you have prepared everything well and just waiting for you to take action, this part of yourself will somehow “Whispered” to you, affect you, raise doubts about yourself and eventually make your plan fail to be implemented. Just like when  I started to open an internet cafe and noodle stalls business, my mental block was always overwhelmed with doubts and worries that the business would not progress or developed and eventually indeed that is what was happened. Always remember that you are what you think!

Mental block is a negative belief (negative thought program) that works at the subconscious level, you did not realize that you had this mental block, this program sabotages all the potential that you have. Mental block is a mental/psychological barrier that envelops a person’s mind. It can arise from your mistaken thoughts about the actual abilities you have.

Negative mental blocking can prevent a person from achieving their life design for example, wealth, position, career, marriage, sports achievements, etc. You need to seriously find all mental blocks within yourself and give a new meaning to them as soon as you manage to recognize it. These obstacles often sabotage or destroy your self-confidence and destabilize it.

Since the day we were born, we are being programmed by a number of things mostly through our parents and the environment surround us. Don’t be surprised if we go to a country that has four languages ​​like in Malaysia, where my friend’s child, since the age of six years can already use four different languages ​​at once namely Malay, English, Chinese and Indian language! The child is not just a genius, but indeed the condition of his surroundings environment which forces him to adapt and install the memory of the language program at the golden age (0-8 years) of the child. At this golden age, our subconscious minds are open to any words, information, action, environment etc that later creates our paradigm. Well, usually the mental block is also one of the parts recorded when we grow from childhood to adulthood.

Usually our mental block is recorded since we were a small children through the words or actions of our parents or the environment around us. Examples of mental block are as follows:

  1. Money is a source of evil!
  2. The rich are mostly criminals!
  3. Money does not come down from the sky nor grow from trees!
  4. Don’t be an entrepreneur, too many risks, just be like your parents, work as an employee and enjoy a monthly salary and pension fund! 
  5. Money makes you greedy!

Yep, that is just a several example of mental block that will prevent us, without knowing it, to achieve a goal or our life design. The part of our self that prevents us from advancing. Mental block is also often referred to as the negative side of yourself. This is said because mental blocks always conflict with whatever you do. Any! Like a pole, your mind and mental block are the opposite, the north pole and the south pole that you will never be able to meet.

Sometimes, maybe in your childhood age, you have experiencing a bad experiences with your rich neighbor. Sometimes you think that your rich neighbor is an arrogant, cocky, sucks person. Somehow in your subconscious level, you install a program that you do not want to be rich because you are afraid to look just like your rich neighbor. This mental image, creates your future self images. And guess what, that is what you became in the future! God always give an answer “Your wish is My command“.

The mental block is also works and act as a “Servo Mechanism” in your life. Servo mechanism means some coincident or event that always comes automatically and repeatedly to your life, whether it is good or bad.

For example, you have a positive servo mechanism in getting a parking lot in a mall or market place, you always get a good strategic parking spot near the mall entry, and somehow, this positive servo mechanism will always works whenever you enter the mall and you did always get the perfect parking lot. That is a sample of a positive servo mechanism.

Another one is negative servo mechanism. Think it like this, you have a negative servo mechanism in your subconscious level that you always think that whatever amount of money you get, you will always end up loosing it. Have you ever had that kind of servo mechanism? You get 10,000 Dollar, but the money will always find it’s way to get out of your pocket or bank account! When you get a high income, suddenly all the situation and conditions force you to release all of those money that you earn. No matter how much money you earn, you will always end up broke! That is a sample of negative servo mechanism. Another example of negative servo mechanism is related with laziness in doing sport or exercise. You always find excuses whenever you wanted to do an exercise. Somehow your circumstances did not support you when you decided to go out and do some exercises, whether it was raining, or whether it was you feel not good, or many kind of excuse and blocking circumstances trying to block your want in doing exercises. There is a  lot of servo mechanism that you need to identify in your life.

Therefore to help make it easier for you to achieve your life goals and your life design, you must be able to find out what is your mental block or your negative servo mechanism and try to redefine and revalue it. There are many ways and training that you can follow to find your mental block or negative servo mechanism and to program a new software, more positive mindset so that you can more easily reach your life design in the future.

Get to know the various mental blocks and negative servo mechanism that can prevent you from becoming more successful. Mental block and negative servo mechanism is like a computer virus that eats away memory or mindset in our brain. Over time, if the virus is not removed through an anti-virus program, then  your brain will become slow and cause it to “Hang” and eventually break down! You do not want those kind of virus stay forever in your mind, right? Get loose of all of your mental block and negative servo mechanism and focus on what you want in your life design. Dare to ask something bigger than you can ever imagine before. Do not limit yourself. Clean your mind from all negative believe that is against your life design. Act as if you have already receive your life design. Involved your emotions, a strong emotions when you act as if you already receive your life design is. You must be able to feel, touch, smell and involve all of your five sensory when doing this kind of act. This is also one of the “Hacking of God” mechanism besides the gratitude in advance method.

One of the easiest way to get rid of mental block or negative servo mechanism is to install a new program into your mindset or your subconscious with repetition or affirmation methods that you think it is against the value of your mental block or servo mechanism. The easiest way will involve a scientific system such as brainwave audio etc.

One type of repetition or affirmation that I often do to myself is acquired from Napoleon Hill, the repetition is as follows:

“I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action”

I took the affirmation repetition from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich and I always read it again and again until I memorized it outside of my head. As a result, I am always oriented to action. I become a person who always took action whenever and wherever, and I am a typical individual who takes actions or decisions quickly.

With thoughts that give different meanings to a challenge or purpose, then our feelings will also be different. If our feelings are different, then our actions will be different. If our actions are different, the results will be different. And if the results are different then the destiny will be different. If the destiny is different, then the life will be different.

Affirmation is what will turn us into a self-confidence, and when self-confidence has turned into deep conviction, then one by one you will find the purpose or your life design is achieved and manifested.

We will be what we think, believe and do. We also are what we say to ourselves every day. Life champions always trust themselves, even though no one else believes it. Keep going and don’t let fear stop you. When other people say that your life design are too high and impossible to achieve, this is actually a reflection or limitation of that person, not yourself. You may not be sure to anyone, but not to yourself.

Based on my experience, it takes around 21-30 days to install a new program into your subconscious and turn it into a habit. When we change our habits, we change our thinking patterns or mindset. If our mindset changes, our actions will also be different. If the actions we take are different then the results are different. If the result are different then our life will be different! Just like what Einstein always said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them“. Change the way you think. Change your life.

Samuel Smiles started with ideas or thoughts. Plant ideas, then you will take action. Plant actions, then you will pick a habit. Plant habits, then you will pick characters. Plant character, then you will reap destiny. Therefore, start from an idea that is then manifested in action, then the actions that is taken repeatedly will turn into a habit. Habits carried out repeatedly will become characters, and from these characters will ultimately lead us to our destiny. So in fact, we are the ones who determine our own destiny. This is in line with the Qur’anic verses which say:

“Surely Allah will not change the destiny of a people except the people themselves who change what is in themselves”

Al-Qur’an 13:11

Therefore, we, as human beings, are given the advantages by God in the form of thinking brains, so it is appropriate for humans to always ask and think about how to change their destiny and life for the better. We all agree, if our lives are abundant and full of success, it will be much easier for us to benefit others. We will be able to feel to be human beings who are useful and of value to others when we are in abundance. By helping each other and helping others who are in trouble, opening up jobs and so on, we will feel the pleasure of being a valuable and useful human being.

But the next big question is how can we be human beings who are useful if we are not an abundant person or an entrepreneur for example? Actually, you don’t have to always be an entrepreneur to be someone who is valuable and beneficial to others. If you are currently an employee, what you can do is to work as good as possible with the company or the owner of the company where you work, so that you have become a person who is valuable and beneficial to others in this matter of course valuable and beneficial for the owner of the company where you receive a monthly salary.

If we are not working or unemployed, how can I be someone who is valuable and beneficial to others? Of course you can, you just need to be someone who is valuable and useful to others in your own family. At a minimum, you will not make trouble to your family by becoming a criminal or other negative actions that will cause trouble to your family in the future. Not too difficult right?

Change Your Relationship With Money

When we are talking about money, we need to have the same understanding, the same paradigm and concept about money. We have been teached so far by either our parents, educations or our society the wrong concept or paradigm about money after all this years. How many of you who have been taught that money is just a piece of paper and that it is only functioned as medium of transaction and to pay something that you want to buy? Raise you hands please. Good. Most of you dear readers are raising your hands. I know it. Admit it.  That concept is purely an economic point of view of money.

Did you realize that when you have those kinds of concept and paradigm about money within your subconscious mind, whenever you receive money, either in small or big amount, you will end up loosing it. This is true. You only think that money is only a way of payment. An exchange in a transaction. Something that just needs to be released. Something that does not have any emotional feelings.

We need to fix this kind of conditions. How? By firstly accepting the theory that everything is connected and that everything is energy. What do you mean Dimas? We are humans, we are living matters, we are different with money, they are a non-living matters. We are different. Again, how many of you are accepting this theory? Raise you hands please. Good. Most of you dear readers are still raising your hands. Your way of thinking is still under a logical level. You haven’t yet going through the quantum physics level. What does quantum physics level say? When we are in quantum physics level, we are all the same. All matters in this Universe are created under the same matters? How can? We are humans, we do not have any similarity with money? Wrong!

When we look ourselves through quantum physics eyes, we humans are made of the same atoms, the same electrons, the same quarks. Bring yourself to a quantum physics laboratory. There you will be scanned using a high tech microscope and you will find out that the body that you have lived in after all this years is just an illusion. You are just a matter of energy. A group of quarks that vibrated. A group of energy. The same goes with money. When you think about your money, think from what does money made of? A piece of paper? Right? Then what does that piece of paper made of? Wooden material? What does wooden material made of? Again, bring this wooden material to our quantum physics laboratory, scanned it using a high tech microscope and you will find out that the wooden material that you thought is the source of paper money in is just an illusion. The wooden material are just a matter of energy. A group of quarks that vibrated. A group of energy.

At this level, we have made conclusion that humans and money are the same materials, the same energy. We are aligned, we are the same vibrating quarks at quantum physics level.

Once we agreed with the above concept, we need to change our mindset and concept about money. Money energy is neutral. All energy is neutral. It is up to us to give the meanings to that energy, whether it is positive or negative. We have been given our money the negative energy after all this years. We only accept money as way to spend. Not to be loved. This is why you shrink your life instead of expanding. You put the wrong concept and paradigm about money.

The next step after we understand the above quantum physics concept, is that we need to change our concept regarding with money. Since money energy is neutral, we need to add a positive energy in it. What is the highest positive energy in this Universe? Peace, Joy and Love! So what we need to do is just add those positive energy to the money. Act as if money is your loved ones. Your girl or boyfriend. Your spouse. Give it a sweet name. You can called it Monica or Montgomery for example, it is up to you. Monica and Montgomery. They are your lover. They are your loved ones who brings peace and joy whenever they meet you.  Can you imagine how it feels to be Monica or Montgomery when she or he arrives in front of your door, wanting to meet you, to bring you peace, joy and love. Instead, you treat them wrong. When Monica and Montgomery knock on your door, you open your door, and you just give a flat tone order like this “Monica, some of you will be used to pay my credit card bills, some of you will be used to pay my electricity bills, some of you will be used to pay my apartment rental bills…” and so on.

Can you imagine how your loved ones feels? She is trying to meet you, brings you joy, try to pleased you and make love with you, but instead you ignore her. You put her in each post outside your house. You doesn’t cared about her. She felt sad and unhappy. This is a typical servo mechanism that is happening in most of people at the moment. They don’t understand that money is the same with you. If you have a feelings, then she or he also has a feelings. What would you think the next time money knocking in front of your door? She will be skeptical. She will not make friends with you. Or even wanted to making love with you. You just treated and used her as a way of paying bills. She will not bring you any peace, joy and love.

When you change your perception and concept that the money energy needs to be loved, you don’t loved the money, but you give love to the energy of money, you will change the circumstances into a more positive state. Whenever Monica or Montgomery knock in your door, give her a big hug, say thank you and express your highest gratitude and say how much you loved her. Kiss her deeply (French kiss is always allowed by the way). Say that she is the best part of your life and that you do not want to loose her. Say that you want to be with her and that you would like her approval that you would like to save some of her (either 10%, 20% etc up to you) so that you can always be with her. You can always make love with her without the need to wait her to come. This is a concept of love for the energy of money. When you switch your perception and concept, your relationship with money will start to become more harmonized. It will bring you more joy, peace and love. A perfect harmony.

The next step that we need to change is our concept for trade. Our concept of transaction. We all know that you are currently consider money only as way or method of payments. We need to change that concept. Think it like this. You’re going to a fish market and you decided to buy some fish and shrimp. When you do the transaction with the seller, you need to say it like this to your money:

 “Dear Monica, I thank you for your love and that because of you, I can help the seller of this fish and shrimp, he can use you to buy some of you for his family at home. I also thank you because you also help the driver which have transported the fish and shrimps all the way from the beach up to this fish market, he can also buy something and receive a value from you. I would also like to say thank you, because you also have helped the fisherman that have worked so hard to catch this fish and shrimp, he has fight his life at the sea just to catch this fish and shrimp and bring it for me, the fisherman and his families will also benefited from you Monica. Thank you thank you thank you…

How lovely it is for Monica to have  such compliment from you. She will felt that she have been a valuable things that have helped a lot of other people. This is the way to make your relationship with money becomes more harmonized, full of love and full of gratitude. So whenever you need to pay a bills or anything, just say thank you to your Monica or Montgomery, she or he will be more than happy to return to you and gives you more abundant because she or he knows that it will give Monica and Montgomery a sense of joy, peace, love and happiness.

This is the perfect harmony. You will become a money magnet when you practice this kind of concept later in the future. Believe me. You will be grateful that you have know this concept and that you have managed to fix your relationship with money. Keep it up. Practice it on a daily basis. You will be amazed how Monica and Montgomery is always coming to you and helping more people later in the future…


One of the greatest strengths in changing your life is through gratitude.

Almost all religious teachings teach us to love one another and be grateful, because gratitude is one of the greatest vibrational energies or frequencies that can change our emotions to develop towards a better direction. Remember the saying that, our life or our consciousness is only as good as what we think in our mind or our subconscious. Therefore emotions in this case play a very strong role in changing one’s life, because emotions are very in direct contact with one’s subconscious.

The following is a scale made by Dr. David R. Hawkins  on consciousness:

Pay attention to the scale above, you will find that gratitude is almost close to enlightenment which means that gratitude is the next below frequency to what we called “Infinite Intelligence“. Some of us called it as “Super Consciousness“. While the feelings of fear are lowering our consciousness, we should be aware of these kind of feelings not to taking over the majority of our feelings. The feelings of fear or anxiety is one of the major cause that can destroy your life.

It is important for humans to be able to choose what emotions that are dominant within their daily lives. Humans who choose positive thinking by taking good feelings such as feeling full of hope, optimism, enthusiasm, full of desire, grateful and love are typical of people who are successful in their daily lives, they very rarely seem to have negative thoughts because they know that negative thoughts are destructive and do not bring good things to human life.

If it is associated with other graphs which is the omega graphs that analyze vibrations or vibrational frequencies in humans, we will find something similar. From the Alpha point, which is the lowest frequency of 20 hertz (shame frequency), humans will expand and achieve full self-awareness at a frequency of 700+ hertz (enlightenment frequency). Therefore, in designing your life, you need to pay attention to the feelings or emotions that you involve in your daily life.

Do not let negative feelings or emotions dominate your days, because in the end it will swallow and dwarfed your life. But maybe most readers ask, what about the king of drugs or big-time corruptors who don’t have positive feelings but whose lives actually see’s to be abundant wealth of success? Believe me, they are like humans who suck their own blood. A vampire. They may look successful, rich, with a wealth of treasures, but deep down, they are empty, empty and don’t feel true true happiness.

Showing gratitude must also being done to your past. To all circumstances and conditions which had happened to you previously. When you have a bad memories with someone, such as your parents, or your siblings, or your spouse, or your friends, or anyone that have hurtled you in the past, you must give them gratitude. Say thank you. But not only say thank you to it, you must be able to release all of your previous negative memories (shame, guilt, grief, fear, anger, pain etc – see scale of consciousness) by clearing it. Release it. Don’t make it as a burden that burdens you. One of the best way to clear and release this negative memories is by using the ancient Hawaii  Ho’oponopono techniques that is popularized by Dr. Joe Vitale. The Ho’oponopono is simply saying the four magic words: I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You. Keep repeating this four words to your past. Your negative memories. It will help you release those anchor that burdens you much much easier. Once you release it, you will be ready to take off and expanded.

Now imagine this. Get comfortable in  a chair. Sit down and take a deep breath. Imagine all of the situation, circumstances, person or anything that you feel have make you angry, gives you in pain and sorrow, make you shame or other negative type emotions in your past. Imagine it clearly. And then when you have manage to imagine it in your mind, say the magic four words: I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You. Keep the repetition of the Ho’oponopono magic words until you feel peace, joy, love and gratitude and that you have accept that as a part of your past life. You give them total forgiveness. Release all of your burdens. Look again at the scale of consciousness. Find all of the negative memories from your past and repeat the same techniques. This another “Hacking of God” by way of hacking your past. Give total forgiveness and accept it as it is. Do not blame anyone or any circumstances. You took the responsibility to whatever situation and conditions that had happened to your life. By seeing the scale of consciousness above, you can choose which frequencies that will help you to be more positive. To achieve ultimate consciousness. To be with God. And you and Him creates the best partnership. A Creator and a co-creator. A perfect harmony.

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