Principle #4: Passion, Patience, Persistence, Performance (4P)

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want


“Without passion you will not have energy, without your energy you will not produce anything”
Donald J. Trump

I like Donald Trump sentence above, since it is true, that humans will not have energy if they don’t have passion. Just imagine if John F. Kennedy did not have the passion to send humans to the Moon, maybe until today we could only dream of seeing a spacecraft landing on the Moon. Or if Elon Musk doesn’t have the passion to conquer Mars and send rockets that can be sent back to Earth to save on space exploration costs, maybe we will just wait for NASA to do it and when will it happen? There will be no energy spent on extraordinary achievements carried out by extraordinary humans like Kennedy or Musk without passion.

I really admire people who is passionate with their life design, their purpose, such as Elon Musk. In fact, Musk is one of my idol in life. I have always honored the way he thinks, act and doing everything with totality, with passion. I think we need more people like Musk in order to help accelerate our civilizations. His passion in helping to creates a better world is a very good example for people who would like to understand the power of passion. That people with passion could change the World. Musk never blame his country for not providing a good online payment method, so he created himself PayPal and help other million people simplified their online transactions. Musk never complained to the current World situation on using too many fossil fuels for cars, instead he creates Tesla cars to solved this issue. Musk did not complained that NASA and other space company which is not efficient in doing it’s business and operations, instead he created Space-X to fix this inefficiency issue by creating a reusable rockets system. We have never seen any space rockets return back from Earth safely before and can be used again. His vision and passion has had a huge impact on humanity and civilization.

Passion will come when we take great action to speed up the process of manifestation. Without passion, the action process will feel plain. Some people asked me, which one should I look for first? My purpose? Or is it my passion? For me, clearly that purpose will always be the first thing to look for in our lives. Either way, it’s never been easier to find answers to these two questions.

Some people also succeeded in finding their passion first and then connecting with their future goals. This is also good, I am actually do not care which one will you find first, purpose or passion, as long as you believe it and take action to make it happen, the results will be the same.

What exactly is meant by Passion? I read a book by Rene Suhardono’s and according to her, passion is not something you can do or do very very well, but passion is what you enjoy and you like it when you do it. So not necessarily the field that we master is our passion, our true passion is in everything that we really like and love very much when we do it.

Back to the philosophy of the Japanese or the Ikigai, according to Ikigai, passion is about what you love. This element is at the top of the top questions of all questions in the Ikigai concept. This section will guide you to combine passion in yourself and the mission that you want to carry out for your life design. People can achieve their life design more easily if they enjoy and love what they do.


Maya Angelou once said that every great achievement requires time. This is true. That is why it is important for you to have some sort of level in patience when trying to accomplish your life design. It takes patience. So much patience. It can take years of patience, or even a decade of grueling work before you start to reap big results from all the time and hard work you’ve put in, and it can be frustrating as hell. Patience means to be ready to face adversities and in many cases to undergo enormous suffering in order to achieve a desired aim. Persistence means not to give up, to remain in the ‘battle’ and ‘fight’ till the end for what you long for.

Patience is not something we have; it is something we consciously do. Patience is like any other hard-earned discipline: The more we practice it, the more patient we become. Ten steps over ten days are better than 1,000 steps in one day without any follow up for a month. Going small has its advantages and you can build it into something big.

 Most people, however, lack these qualities. They want success in achieving their live design, but they want it the easy way — they are not ready to sacrifice much of themselves, whether that is time or effort or whatsoever is needed. Naturally, they give up quickly and accept ‘defeat.’

Being patient is accepting that great things take a long time to build. And hesitation is looking down the hole of what you’d have to do to get to where you want to be and stopping dead in your tracks. Patience is accepting that creating your best work is going to take a while, and living with that — not complaining about it and bemoaning your situation, but just putting your head down and doing the work regardless of the outcome it gives you.

If you wanted to change your life, to make it better than yesterday, try to learn to be patience. Try to understand that every great achievement takes times. This is one of your key in accomplishing your life design.


What is persistence? Persistence allows you to keep taking action even when you don’t feel motivated to do so, and therefore you keep producing results. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. If we combine our ambition (the 3A part) with persistence, then ambition itself is the path to your life design. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Ambition means nothing if you are not willing to be consistent with your actions and be persistent in operating at a high level. The average person quits after they are not immediately rewarded for their short-term efforts. A successful person ignores instant gratification and understands that success is a long-term effort. You must build up your efforts over time until they align together to accomplish your desired goal. This is why there are so few successful people and so many mediocre people who can only dream of success. Successful people undertake strategic actions and persist at them, while mediocre people lack the stamina and persistence to see things through.

It does not matter how many times, you are turned down. If you are trying to get a qualification or pass an exam, don’t quit just because you failed; try again, and again, and again! If you are trying to get a job, don’t quit because you got a rejection. If you are trying to build your career, don’t quit because some guy at work shouted at you!

If you are trying to build a business, don’t quit simply because the business climate is bad, in your community. Or, because someone let you down. Or, because your government did not do something for you.

Maybe you lost your job, and you have been looking, and looking and looking. Don’t give up!

You might have even gone bankrupt….. Start again. Don’t quit! That’s what we called persistence’s!


Performance is completion of a task with application of knowledge, skills and abilities. Someone who has a good performance is always a result oriented person. We need performance to make sure that we can accelerate the process of manifestation and achievement in our life. Successful life designer often comes down to one thing – focus on your performances.

When it’s time to discuss your accomplishments in your self-assessment when designing your life, having actual data to show what you’ve done throughout the year is highly beneficial. Track down your performance by means of tracking down your accomplishment.

I give you an example. If your life design is to creates 10.000 job employment, how did you measure your performance? First of all is by gathering all the related data with your design. How much that you already made so far. When is your expected date to achieve those goals? What is your strategy? Sometimes performance will be against our previous principle, which is to let go all of your thought and prays and let God did His task. Well measuring your performance is also one way of tracking how far did God and the Universe is taking care of your goals or pray.

Performance evaluations help everyone know where they stand and how they’re performing as well as the goals of your own life design. It is also important sometimes to check by how far you have manage to accomplish the life design that you have created.

No one wants to be an underachiever.  No one wants to be average.  And I know, for the most part, we all try to rise to the top. So why are we not all there? What stops us from being top performers too?

If you’re going to be a champion in life, you have to be driven by performance. You have to want to succeed so badly that you are willing to push yourself like you never have before. Despite all your best efforts, there will be times that no matter what you do, you fail. So it’s important to strike the proper balance between being performance driven to succeed and the outcome.

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