Closing: Designing Your Life

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want

“If you don’t design your life, then you will be taking part in the design of other people’s lives …”

Designing Your Life

You have to design your own life like what you want it, if you don’t like your current life, change it. You have to change it because no one else will want to help change your life other than yourself.

Designing your own life is simply a matter of connecting the dot’s from each part of this book. You have been introduced  to the Law of Attraction (LoA) as the basic law that will help you in designing your life. The LoA that is reinforced with “Hacking of God” techniques such as gratitude in advance, involving your five sensory emotions and feelings when you act as if you have receive what you asked, and releasing it will alow you to accelerate the process of manifestation of your life design. The time of support when we will manifest our life design will depend on how big your dreams or goals are. For example, if the purpose of your life or your life design is to be a valuable person by becoming an entrepreneur who can make 10 people working in your company, that manifestation might be faster than people who have a vision or purpose to serve 100,000 people who work in their company. The greater the dream or vision, the more difficult the work and the actions needed to achieve it. The less you take action and add excitement and passion to your work, the more time it will takes to reach the life that you want.

The five (5) principles that will help us in facilitating our desire to achieve a goal or to design our life, here are the five steps:

The First Stage is 1P – Purpose:  Find your “WHY“. Set in your mind the purpose of your life as definite and as clearly as possible. You will need to find and answer the holy question in life “Why is God sending you here with a limited amount of time?“. Find  the answer to your definite major purpose in life.  You can try the Japanese Ikigai method to look for the answer. Otherwise, you can begin by the end of your life purpose. Your death. There, you will find the answer to your life purpose. 

The next step is for you to design your life by writing down a list of 100 things that you think you must do before you die on a piece of paper, and enter a specific date when you must do it.  You will find your purpose in life by imagining the end of your life. Connect the dots backward. Link the end of your life purpose with the life that you would like to design.

The Second Stage is 2B – Believe and Be Grateful:  Decide that you are 100% believe and that you are able to achieve your life purpose or design that you have made. There is no doubt and fear regarding it.  Identify your mental block and your negative servo mechanism.

Apply the Ho’oponopono techniques to all your negative memories. Give total forgiveness.  Keep repeating the magic four words:  I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You. Keep the repetition of the Ho’oponopono magic words until you feel peace, joy, love and gratitude and that you have accept that as a part of your past life. You give them total forgiveness.

Release all of your burdens.  Be grateful to God or the Universe. Act and feel that you already achieve the life design that you created. Involving your five sensory emotions and feelings when you act as if you have receive what you asked, and releasing it. There is a “Hacking of God” mechanism by doing it. Once you manage to do that, you need to release it. Let God do His part. Do not dictate Him on the “How” mechanism. You just need  to believe and be grateful. 

Develop and install a new believe system into your subconscious mind to replace your mental block and negative servo mechanism by way of repetition or autosuggestion. When you have successfully aligned your affirmation program, immediately make a plan and strategy and make sure you take action to execute it.

The Third Stage is 3A – Ambition, Action and Attitude:  Ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. You need to find what motivates you in achieving your life design.

When you are 100% believe of the life design that you have made, then you must immediately take massive determined and inspired action, do not wait, hurry up and make plans that will help you in realizing your life goals. The universe likes speed, therefore hurry up, take the necessary actions so that the process of manifesting your goals can be realized immediately. Massive determined and inspired action can be translated as taking action to took any specialized knowledge in helping you achieving your life design. You will also needs to develop your alliances.  Gather you allies, friends and supporter that could collaborate and work with you in perfect harmony towards your life design.

List all negative attitude that will blocked you in achieving your life design. List all positive attitude that you have within you that will help you in achieving your life design. Go with the positive ones.

The Fourth Stage is 4P – Passion, Patience, Persistence, Performance: Passion is not something you can do or do very, very well, but passion is what you enjoy and like when you do it. So not necessarily the field that we master is our passion, our true passion is in everything that we really like and love very much when we do it. Passion will come when we take great action to speed up the process of manifestation.  Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Everything in the universe requires time to achieve, we called it buffer time. All great achievement requires times. We need patience in designing our life and still enthusiastic and enjoy the process. Ask yourself, do you love the process that you are doing when you try to accomplish your life design?

Persistence is firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. We can similize persistence like the famous Winston Churchill  phrase “When you’re going through hell, keep going!“. 

Performance is completion of a task with application of knowledge, skills and abilities. Someone who has a good performance is always a result oriented person. We need performance to make sure that we can accelerate the process of manifestation and achievement in our life. Track down your performance by means of tracking down your accomplishment. List down all of your accomplishment and achievement. Compared it with the practices that you have done on Part 1 (1P): List of 100 Things That You Think You Must Do Before You Die.

The Fifth Stage is 5D – Devotion, Drive, Discipline, Determination, Dedication:  Devotion means love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. You need devotion to be involved in achieving your design. Connect everything with God.  Drive is your strategy in designing your life. This is more related on the “How” mechanism in creating the live that you want.

Discipline itself means doing things which we don’t feel like doing it. Discipline builds a person character, nature and his/her personality. When we create our character through discipline, we will create our reality.

In the end it takes full dedication and determination to be able to realize the life design that you have made. I work hard to achieve my life design that I have set for myself because I know that universal law says actions are the same as reactions, without action there will be no results, then take great action and immediately execute all your dreams and design in your life.

A mind map for the 5 Principles in Designing Your Life:

That is all you need to do to make the life of your dreams. The life of your own design.  When you decided that you are the one who is in charge of your own life design, you will be the co-creator of your own life. You will be a partner to God. You will be an infinite beings because you are part of God. 

Finally, I just want to say: “Congratulations on designing and manifesting your own version of life. I will wait for you at the top “

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