Introduction: The Law of Attraction

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want

“Every event that you experience in your life, whether good or bad, happens because you yourself attract it into your life”

Life Is Not Always Fair

A few years ago, my life was at its lowest and arguably falling apart. My father died due to a stroke attack and only one year later, my mother also followed due to an equally deadly stroke.

I later married and not long after my wife became pregnant and contained our first child. I quit my main job at that time because of incompatibility with my supervisor and after I read the book The Power of Kepepet (The Power of Being Obliged) by Jaya Setiabudi and another book called Cara Gila Jadi Pengusaha (The Crazy Way of Becoming an Entrepreneur) by Purdi E. Chandra, I immediately decided to switch from employee to be an entrepreneur and started my own business as an internet cafe owner and I also opened a fish cake and noodle stall as my way of living.

My life as an entrepreneur was not as what I wanted and I felt really stressed with my life at that time. I tried very hard to make money, but it seemed like all of my efforts that I had made ended in vain. Long story short, after two years of opening an internet cafe and noodle stall business, I went to bankruptcy, which in the end all of my assets had to be sold! I can’t even afford to pay the installments that I took to the bank. My car leasing company send a debt collector to confiscate and collected my first car, an old 1989 BMW car which I bought with difficulty at that time and I was very sad to see my first car being towed by the debt collector and then later being auctioned at their office.

At that time I felt hopeless and I felt that this life was not fair. I am angry at the life that I live. In my prayers, I shouted to God and said “God! why do You have to give me all the bad things in this life?! What is my fault?! What did I do wrong to You?!”

I decided to review all the circumstances that happens to my life. Trying to “Connecting the Dots” that occur in my life. I dissolved myself by reading books that can motivate and inspire me so I can continue my life and improve it.

One day when I was reading a book by Hal Urban entitled “Life’s Greatest Lesson”, in the second chapter of the book there was an article entitled “Life is difficult … and not always fair but life must goes on” and I really felt that the chapter in the book is very suitable with my current conditions and circumstances. My anger towards God and my life, failure to build and pioneer my first business, and various other bad things that have happened so far are indeed one part of the story of life. Hal Urban said, life will not always go according to our expectations, but reality is a good teacher because it helps us to learn about valuable life lessons, even in a slow and painful way! Quoting Benjamin Franklin’s words “All things that are painful, train us”. That is why the most bitter lesson in life is also the most valuable lesson.

I also took lessons from the events that occurred in my life and then decided to rise up and will never give up on the rigors of life. Life is indeed difficult… and sometimes it is not always fair, but that does not mean we have to give up and that does not mean life cannot be something that is fun, satisfying and enjoyable. I also decided to redesign my life in the future and promised to provide the best version of myself in the future.

One day while I was walking in one of my favorite book stores, I saw a very simple book cover, the book was dark brown with the title “The Secret”. Somehow there is a kind of magnet that attracts me to open the book even though I did not know the book and its author. I immediately read the book which is written by Rhonda Byrne and at that moment I immediately fell in love with the contents of the book and decided to bought it.

Upon returning home, I immediately devoured the book and realized that life and all the bad events that had happened so far in my life were a result of my own thoughts. Rhonda teaches me about the legal concept of attraction or better known as the Law of Attraction (LoA). I just realized and it turned out that I was the one who caused all the chaos in my life due to my own “Fears” when opening my first business and my own doubt, fear and uncertainty about the business, creates my reality.

According to Rhonda, every event that you experience in your life, whether it good or bad, happens because you yourself attract it. The power of our mind is very powerful. He can change our lives only through the power of attraction.

During that time I have always been pessimistic, unenthusiastic, aimless, always principled life like water, and it was all wrong. And the result is, we are what we think continuously. If we constantly think about bad things, then that bad things will happen to our lives, and if we keep thinking about good and positive things, then that good and positive things will also be the case in our lives.

Back to Business

It didn’t take long for me to get up, but this time I’m still traumatized living my life as an entrepreneur or business owner. Many people thought that being an entrepreneur are better than being an employees, just try to live it by yourself. You will know how unpleasant (in the beginning) it is to be an entrepreneur!

I finally decided to go back to live as a normal boring employee, I wanted to have a fixed income for the time being. For almost the next eight years, my life returned to normal as an employee and we lived a normal and mediocre life. We can own a house, have our car back and get a vacation in several countries.

For me at that time life was quite beautiful, but during the third year I worked, I met several friends and colleagues who invited me to be a partner to open an engineering business. Due to my last failure and my curiosity to try to become an entrepreneur, I ended up decided to directly taking part in the formation of the company. Finally I went on two version of life, first as an employee and the second as an entrepreneur with my colleague. Life goes on and the company we build continues to grow and develop. But unfortunately in the middle of the rapid growth and development, I had to argue and disagree with my business partner and finally the company which was my second attempt to become an entrepreneur ended, I left the company, it was quite painful but I could only take lessons from these events. I blame myself because at that time since I didn’t focus on becoming an entrepreneur. I forgive all of my business partner and decided to go on and continue my life, again as an employee.

I have a principle that life is the same as an arrow, if you want to move and reach your target, then you must first be willing to pull back or having a set back. Likewise life. Sometimes we feel deterioration as a result of failures due to the decisions we make in this life. But we must continue to instill positive thoughts that it is only a delayed or temporary failure and we must consider it as a lesson.

Finally I decided to continue my life, me and one of my colleagues who agreed with me in the previous left company had finally decided to re-create a new company with a different concept and vision and mission and we partnered each other. I felt 100% confident and believe that this third company or business and all the stakeholders in it will progress and grow rapidly and develop and accelerate to reach the goals and targets according to the vision and mission that we have set together.

At that time I did not have a lot of money, only the remaining money from the sale of a house which is inherited from my late father and mother. My partners are also the same, they don’t have a large financial capital and they only have enough money to pay for a public notary and to finalize the company legality documents. Finally we agreed to borrow some money to one of our stakeholders in Jakarta. We immediately stepped on the gas to take actions that we felt were necessary to immediately grow the company that had just borne.

I was very excited at that time. I made an initial “Budgetary Plan” for the start-up of our new company. There is an interesting story about the formation of the company and the budget that I have made. At that time we had agreed to rent an office and had paid in full in the rent amount for the one-year rental fee of the office that we would occupy. The office does not yet have the contents of furniture and others, only an empty room that we must fill in with all office needs such as desk, chairs, computers, and so on. It turned out that two days later the owner unilaterally canceled the office rental agreement, returning the full amount of money we had paid upfront and we had to find another office place instead.

Finally, me and my partner had to go around the city to find a replacement office. We arrived at one of the office locations with rental signs, my partner also said to me to try calling the telephone number printed on the signpost. Not long after, the broker came to the place we called, and he immediately invited us to go inside.

Inside the office room, we found an empty office that already contained office furniture completed with computers, desk chairs, blackboards, telephones and other office needs. I opened my budgetary plans sheet that I had printed before. It’s amazing, it turns out that the office we are going to rent has complete contents in accordance with the budget plans that I have made! The number of computers, chairs, tables, blackboards, etc is exactly the same as what I have made in my budget sheet! I also asked the broker, is this office rented with its contents? He answered yes, because this office was indeed a four-month old bankrupt company and all of the asset would be sold at cheap prices or about half of the price of the new buy. We contacted the owner of the previous office of the tenant company beforehand and sure enough, she would indeed sell all of the office furniture in it at an overall price of half of my budget! Wow! Indeed, I am increasingly convinced that if we already have a definite purpose, a good intentions, God and the whole universe will participate and help us to realize them in a ways that we never imagined before.

In the first year, our company is only able to make money to just pay employee salaries and other overhead costs such as office rental fees, operational costs and other costs. Me and my two colleagues as the owner of the company sometimes can only be paid every three months with a minimum nominal amount, which is the residual money after all employee salary costs and company operations are paid.

In that year, our employees were not as many as today, when the company stood we only had five employees. I remembered on our first year of operations, when the Islamic Eid-ul-Fitr Day arrives which happens to be celebrated on Monday, on the previous Thursday, the cash in our company’s bank account is still empty. I feel stress and depressed because I don’t know whether I can pay my employee salaries along with Eid-ul-Fitr day employee allowances. I have once promised when forming the company, that all of employees and people working in this company will never be paid late in their salaries and benefits. Like thieves or bank robbers who are being chased by police, and like human beings who are clenched, the knowledge of “The Power of Being Obliged” that I have read in Jaya Setiabudi’s book is back on me. I start taking massive determined action. We call all of our customers and ask them to immediately make payments for the bills that they have not yet paid. I even dare to give them a special discount if our customers can pay our bills by tomorrow on Friday.

Thanks be to God, finally one of our customers is willing to help to pay our bills without the need to give them any additional discount. Exactly at 3:00 PM, on Friday, the funds we needed went into our bank account and I immediately distributed the rights of our employees and stakeholders and on Monday all of our employees were able to celebrate holidays with families in their homes with happy hearts.

I get a sense of satisfaction and happiness at that time because we can bring happiness to the employees. I felt it by myself how it felt to be a person who was of value and can be of useful to other humans in this World. Since then, I have vowed to myself to be able to continue to be a human that is useful and of value for others. I also set my own life’s design to devote myself as an entrepreneur and create a minimum of ten thousand jobs in the future so that I can become an extension of God’s hand in bringing more happiness to more happiness for others.

You Are What You Think

I read the phrase above and adapted it from the famous book by Napoleon Hill entitled Think and Grow Rich. I suggested that you bought and read the book and also try to understand the concept. The book is one of the mandatory books for people who want to achieve success in the late 80-90s, but the philosophy of success described in the book remains valid forever to this day.

Thought is everything. Thought has tremendous strength especially if it has been combined with clear life design or definite major purpose, believe and perseverance in carrying out actions. Humans who are successful in life know on average that formula, that we can indeed change our lives only through the power of the mind. When you start thinking about the purpose of your life, then you will see that success starts through your mind. According to Napoleon Hill, success comes to those who are aware of success, as well as failure will also come to those who allow themselves to be aware of failure.

One of the most famous thinkers of his time and also one of the fathers of the automotive industry in the United States, Henry Ford, once said that one of the keys to his success is to know clearly what you want. Our brain will become some kind of “Magnet” that attracts dominant thoughts to keep in our minds. And when we have clearly decided our life goals and taken full confidence in those goals, we will see all the resources needed to achieve these goals such as human resources and those who will help us, circumstances, finances, and other power as if it coming naturally to us like a magnet.

“If you think you can, then you are right, and if you think you can’t, then you are right too”. Henry Ford

Thinking is one of the hardest jobs in our life, so very few people want to use their brains to think. That is why Napoleon Hill book started with the word “Think” and grow rich. You have to get used to train your brain to keep learning and thinking, because our brains are indeed designed to receive and process information, to learn new things. The power to think is the basis of life and civilization. If we do not dare to think and try to do something beyond what we have mastered so far, then we will never grow. We will never be able to design our life.

Sometimes we will ask ourselves, can I do everything and achieve all the life design that I have set? If you think you lose, then that will happen. If you think you are not brave, then you will not be brave. If you want to win, but you think you can’t win, it’s almost certain you won’t win. So it will all depends on the state of your mind. Be very careful what you give meanings to your life design, because that will create an adverse effect to it. Be careful with your mind. Be careful with your thought. Always believe something wonderful is about to happened. Always believe that you can design your own life and achieve it.

Fighting in life does not always approach to the people who are stronger or faster, but sooner or later the person who wins the game in life is someone who thinks he can.

Burning Desire

Napoleon Hill said that all achievements in life, whatever their purpose, must begin with a strong and burning desire to achieve them. This is true.

One inspirational story about the burning desire to achieve victory occurred hundreds of years ago where at that time one of the greatest war Generals was facing a situation that demanded him to make a big decision to ensure victory for the troops he led on the battlefield. The war General wanted to fight with one of their toughest enemies across the ocean, they prepared ships and weapons to attack their opponents on the other side, but their numbers were far less compared to the number of the opponents that they would face.

The General immediately ordered his troops to collect all the best weapons and the best combat soldiers to join the ship which would take them to the enemy fortress across the sea. When they arrived at the enemy’s beach, the war General immediately ordered the soldiers to come down and take all the combat equipment they had. After all the warriors and equipment were lowered, the General immediately ordered the soldiers to burn the ship that was carrying them.

With a loud and resolute voice the General made a speech “All my brave soldiers, see it for yourself, our ship has been destroyed by fire, there is no other way to go back to our homes and families unless we all fight hard and win this battle! We have no other choice, we have to win or we will die and be destroyed here!”, and it turns out they managed to won the battle!

One of the critical success factors that will speed up your achievement process is strong desires. Your desire is a road map or GPS that will help you to drive and achieve your life goals. Burn all your ships. Burn all the bridges down. There is no coming back unless you win the game of life.

The Subconscious Mind

Do you remember when you tried to ride a bicycle for the first time? Can you count the number of repetitions necessary to perform a flawless dance? Have you ever tried to master a new musical instrument?

Most likely, firsts attempts to synchronize a new set of complex actions are always difficult. Once we become more skilled, these movements start to require less conscious awareness until everything begins to flow naturally. All these automatic movements are guided by one of the most powerful inner forces which drives human behavior – the subconscious mind.

In psychology, the subconscious is the part of the mind that is not currently in focal awareness. The word subconscious represents an anglicized version of the French subconscient as coined by the psychologist Pierre Janet (1859–1947), who argued that underneath the layers of critical-thought functions of the conscious mind lay a powerful awareness that he called the subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is made up of just 12% of your brain, whereas the subconscious mind is made up of 88%! What does that means to us? It means that your subconscious is controlling your life! It is true. Most of us did not understand this ratio of consciousness. We thought that our life is being controlled only by our conscious mind. It is not. Our subconscious is the one who controlled our life. It is therefore important for us to understand how to control our subconscious in order to design our life.

The subconscious mind stores all of your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, you skills, all situations you’ve been through and all images you’ve ever seen. The best way to understand the subconscious mind is to look at the example of the person who wants to learn how to drive a car. At the beginning you wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with anyone while driving as you would be focusing on the different moves involved. That’s because you still using your conscious mind to drive.

The subconscious mind is your Autopilot!

Few weeks later driving becomes a natural habit that happens automatically without needing to think about it. That person could even start using his cell phone or talking to his friends while driving.

This happened because the driving habit has been transferred to his subconscious mind and so the conscious mind become free. This allowed him to use it to talk in his cell phone. He even can wire transfer a money using his smart phone apps while he was driving! (I like to do that also).

The subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that you suddenly experience upon facing a new situation. If you were about to give a presentation then all the fear and anxiety feelings you might experience are in fact launched and controlled by your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is, on the other hand, responsible for logic, calculations and all actions that are performed while you are conscious. The subconscious mind also controls other functions in your body like breathing and heart beats.

When the information about driving is stored into your subconscious mind it’s stored as a program. Think of your mind as a computer and the driving information as software that can be run automatically whenever needed.

The same goes for lots of other activities and emotions. If someone annoyed you the installed program of anger is going to be launched and the result will be a behavior that you may regret later.

By programming the subconscious mind with new programs you can fix many problems in your conscious level or your personality. Just make sure that your autopilot is capable of running your system without ruining your life or causing you any problems.

Life Turns Out to be Fun and Happy Too!

After the bitter experiences that I have in my past life, I conclude that God and the Universe have the nature of being humorous and always try to be able to please and delight all of His creatures in the world. Try to imagine if He don’t want to send seasons in this world, or what if He doesn’t send the sun to shine on this earth, maybe there won’t be life like this. That is why He sent all the good things to this world so that the entire population and His creatures in the World could rejoice in living their lives in happiness. God is the Most Happy. God is The Most Fun. Of all the gifts given by God and the Universe to humans, then I would think that laughter must be near the top.

“Does God want you to be happy?” Yes, most certainly He does. In fact, He wants you to be happier than you can possibly imagine. He wants you to have the unshakable happiness. This is the kind of happiness that goes far beyond the shallow and superficial happiness, which is simply the result of fleeting circumstances. The happiness God wants for you can be yours even in the midst of life’s worst pains and sorrows.

Humans since from it’s birth are indeed designed to play. To be happy. Try to pay attention to small children who are busy playing, they are like forgetting time and want to keep playing late into the night. They don’t feel tired of playing. Even so adults, those who have known the purpose and their live design will feel work is like a game play for them, they never feel exhausted even though they are forged by hard work and tremendous workload. They live it with pleasure and happiness. Try to look everything using a baby or children eyes. Everything is full of fun and full of happiness.

Anyway, sad or happy, life must always goes on, so make sure you choose to be happy, whatever that is happened to you.

Human. The Co-creator to God

We have learned that there is a definite law in the Universe called the Law of Attraction (LoA). A law that is so powerful and can help human to achieve anything that they wanted in life. A law that will always work, just like gravitation.

We have come to understood that humans can change their life by first changing their mindset and their believe system within their subconscious level. We have understand that the mindset is everything. We have also understand that human is the co-creator to God.

God have shared His kindness by giving humans a soul. Something that science cannot explained as of today. All that we know is that humans were given a soul during his 4 months of pregnancy within their mother womb. As such, we have some sort of God capability when we come to the world. We are parts of God.

When God is known as The Most Richest, humans can also be rich. When we know that God is a creator, then human is His co-creator. Have you ever seen God creates a table? Never in His entire life God creates a table. God sends tree and other material to this world, so that human can think and given power to utilize it to create whatever the mind of a human can think and do. Have you ever seen God creates a car? Never in his entire life that God has created a car for human being. Instead, He sends human all the resources available such as crude oils, metals, chemicals and other related materials that can be used in order for human to assemble and creates their own vehicle called cars.

Humans need to understand that they are the creator of their own life. Human is the co-creator to God. To be like a co-creator, you need to understand the concept and how it works. Here is the concept. Everything is created twice. First in the human mind. Second in the reality. Like at this book that I have written. Firstly, I imagine how grateful I am if I can be a man of value and helping other humans to design their own life by the knowledge that I have. I think and imagine the design of the book cover, I think and imagine the title, I think what is the contents, I think all of the happiness that I can spread all over the world when people reading my books and inspired my readers to start designing their own life. I am then decided to start write the books. When you have decided on your purpose, on your own life design, then somehow, somewhat, God and the whole universe is working in perfect harmony with you. In a random event and situation, it will help you to get closer and closer to make it happened in your life. All you need to do is Ask, Believe and Receive. This is the secret. The formula.

Some people are skeptical with the above formula. I have also give a doubt the first time the formula or the concept is given. I made a denial that you cannot just ask, believe and receive? You need to take action to make it happened. Am I correct? Do you have that kind of question also coming in your mind? Well, I do agree. Yes we must take action. But not only action. Once you have done the ask and believe part, then you need to let it go. Let God and the whole universe take charge. Let them do their job in helping you manifesting what you want. Don’t ask or tutor Him on the how part. That is strictly His domain. Humans do not need to understand the how part. Because He is the Creator. We were just a co-creator.

And then later, you will find that God and the whole universe is speaking with you. God and the universe has their own unique language. You must be able to learn their language, their universal language. They do not spoke to you verbally. So how can we identify when God and the universe is trying to speak with you? God is the most humorous things in the entire universe. It’s true. He is the most humorous God that speak with you in several unique code and beautiful language.

I give you some sort of example. I lived in South East Asia, on a beautiful archipelago country called Indonesia. Some of you will recognize Bali. The island of God. Well, Bali is actually a province in Indonesia. So when me and my wife decided that we have designed in our life that we would like to go to New York city (20+ hours of flight from my home), and we would like it to be paid by my company, I wrote it down in a piece of paper and I ask God about my wish. I told Him that how grateful happy I am that I can help my wife to fulfill her dreams to go to New York city and took a picture of us in front of Lady Liberty statue. That is the part of “Hacking of God” mechanism. Once I have communicate and pray to God, I let it go. I did not do anything. I only believe that He is working with other collective intelligence on this earth to help me manifesting my pray. My inspired action was I kept reading and watching stuff related with New York. How beautiful the city. How vibrant. How happy I am if I can go there freely, without money from my own pockets. Time flies by. As like a stroke of lightning, within 4 months, my manager called me and said that we are having a sales meeting in New York and he ask me to bring my wife and the company will pay all of the flight and accommodation cost. Do you think that this is a coincident? No! You are the co-creator. You create your own reality.

Another way of God speaks to you is through symbol or codes. For example, I have designed my life that I would like to buy a new car for myself. I asked God the exact brand, models, years of production, colors (interior and exterior) and I wrote it down on my goals or life design list. I also add the car’s pictures next to it. Some of you probably have known the vision board system. This is almost identical. I made my vision board and put everything that I would like to have or do. I felt good and happy whenever I see my vision board. I do not ask God “How He can help me to achieve it”. I just have 100% faith and believe that He will make it happens for me. Then one day, suddenly when I was at the office, my car mechanics comes to my office, he was my daily on call mechanics, he bring me the same cars that I always wanted. He said that the owner of would like to trade his car with my car because he was bored with the latest model and he said he miss to drove the oldest version of the cars which is similar with what I had currently. He said that I only need to add small amount of money to exchange the car with mine. So I said “Dear God, you are really-really funny”. That is how God speak with you. He speak through someone else. He speaks to those who can help Him realizing your pray or your goals.

One of the best way to “Hacking of God” is by doing gratitude in advance. You just need to said thank you to Him that He has already helped you in realizing your goals. Act and fell as if you have what you wanted in your life and just give thank you and shows your gratitude to Him. The law of Attraction will work by responding your thought and your feelings. The Universe and God will rearrange himself and your surroundings. After that all you need to do is just to let it go, forget it. Let Him do the task. He will help you in manifesting what you want.

Use the Law of Attraction effective and efficiently to redesign the life that you want. Anything you want. Do not limit your self believe. Everything is possible. You are the co-creator of God.

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