Principle #1: Purpose (1P)

5 Principles in Designing The Life That You Want


“What is the purpose of God sending me to this World with a very limited amount of time?”

Find Your Why

One of the biggest questions that often comes to my mind is “Why are you here? Why does God sending me to this World with a very limited amount of time? How can I make it better? What is my purpose

Maybe it’s not just me who has that kind of supreme question mark as above, who from time to time tries hard to open the veil and look for an answers to those questions. And each person must have his own unique answer even though most people have more general answers such as “My goal in this world is to work and have fun” or other general answers such as “I want to be like a Rock star, become very rich during my young age, waste my money and have fun during my old age and I will die and goes into heaven!” and other various general answers.

As you know, we are all born into this World with each unique goal. This is what distinguishes successful types of people from most peoples. Those who are considered successful, have a specific life goals and they believe in their goals and they work hard to realize them with all their  passion and dedication. Humans are individual and unique creatures, even for humans which born twins with a difference in birth time of only one second! Therefore, human life goals or life design must also be made individually and not general.

So what is the purpose of our life really is? There is a saying that if you woke up in the morning and you don’t know what is your purpose in life, then you should go back to sleep and continue dreaming. How powerful and important it is the power of a life purpose. Without purpose, humans will be swayed and live around, just to exist. Physically you might live, but not really feel alive.

God has given us gifts in the form of age and life. And the good news is that you only have ONE chance to live in this world, there is no second chance. You only got one fuckin’ life. Therefore, it is our duty to know what our purpose in life is and try to realize that purpose or design as long as you are still breathing. Every question will be accompanied by a partner in the form of an answer, for both of them can meet each other, what will needed is just time. Time to reflect, time to look for, time to ask inward, time to look for meaning, and a myriad of other questions.

In Japanese culture, the purpose of life is known as Ikigai. It is a combination of the words Iki or life and Kai or the realization of hope. Ikigai can be referred to as a spirit-building philosophy for Japanese people who still feel their lives have no meaning and are less happy. Like a desperate person, he has no reason to live and breathe the morning air when he wakes up in the morning. So, Ikigai can be interpreted as the purpose of your life, or an excuse for you to be ready to wake up every day from your sleep and face the day.

Ikigai has four elements consisting of passion, mission, profession, and vocation and Ikigai is the combination of the four elements. Below is an illustration of Ikigai or the purpose of your life:

Some people align their “WHY” or their purpose with  religion or beliefs that they have taken in their lives. For Christians, they will quote and refer to what the Bible suggest. For Moslem, they will quote and refer to what the Qur’an says and recommends in it. This also happens to followers of any religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

How do Atheists connect their life goals? Most of them will adjust their goals with their main mission in this world, which usually has never been related to life after death and they do what is best to become part of the world. Regardless of the relationships that exist in one’s religion or beliefs, there is always a sense of curiosity for everyone to find their true mission or purpose in this world.

So what is the purpose of our life in this world? As a Moslem, I connect the purpose of one’s life in this world according to the Islamic teachings. So what does the Creator, God, Allah tell us about the purpose of our lives? Allah states in the Qur’an that:

“He created humans to become His Khalifah, His trustee on Earth”

Al-Qur’an 2:30 

Khalifah means someone who voyage and journey this Earth. Someone who has adventure spirit. Someone who cross the ocean to look for another path. Someone who brave enough to discover new Island. Someone who has power. Someone who is successful. Someone who is rich. 

In addition to the Qur’an, the prophet Muhammad PBUH has also said that the best people in the world are people who can give value to others or bring benefits to most other human beings. This is what motivates me to decide to become an Entrepreneur. To be a person of value, and to be able to help many others in the world and bring the best benefits to others, the only best way is by becoming an Entrepreneur. This has made me clear and understand what am I doing here in this small and limited world? Yes, the answer is to be someone who has value and can bring most benefit to help many others around me.

After I know my purpose in life, I will put a strong faith and believe with full confidence that the purpose of my life is true and it is meaningful, and that I was not sent here, in this world without any purpose or just to exist. Many people live and only exist. They don’t know their real purpose in life and just go with the flow. Do you know? Only dead fish who goes with the flow!

“Man is not a state of creation, but a creator of circumstances. He made his own situation, his own chance”

Napoleon Hill

The wise man say that there are tremendous unexpected forces that can be caused by the oceans, by volcanoes and on individuals who know very well on the purpose of their lives. The starting point for all human achievements is a clear goal and a definite plan to achieve it. Many people are confused about which one should they look firstly, purpose or passion? For me personally, definite major purpose is the first step to design your life. Knowing the purpose of life is something that will lead you to the life that you want.  How do you find the answer to the great supreme question on what is your life purpose? You can read that on the next part. The concept is by begin everything with the end of your life purpose, your death, and try to connect the dots backward.

Begin With The End of Your Life Purpose

We realize that we all gonna die someday right? It is an absolute truth. You cannot deny it. We all gonna die someday!

So that is actually your real purpose in life. I meant not really the death. But can you imagine your own funeral? You should try to imagine what kind of funeral that will be held for your own funeral. For example, where do you want it to be located? Is it in a royal funeral area? Or just in an ordinary cemetery? Who will be attending your funeral? What kind of speech that will be delivered by your beloved ones, families, friends, partners, etc? 

Just imagine the below scenario in your mind. Imagine that one day in your beautiful home, at the age of …. (name  the number of your expected age), you are still healthy, you are laying in your bed, but suddenly you get a sudden heart attack. Your spouse  called 911 and rush you to the nearest hospital. They brought you to the Emergency Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for direct medical help. The medical team tries hard to help you back to alive, but suddenly you heard the long beep sound from your heartbeat analyzer machine…


The doctor came out from the ICU room and said sorry, they have tried everything they can, but they cannot save your life. Everybody is crying. Your spouse. Your children. Your grand children. Your family and closed ones. You can see them crying out loud. You try to spoke with them. But they cannot hear you. You can see your body turns cold and blue. No life. Nothing. 

Then suddenly you are already putted in the coffin. All of your family members are already gathered around your coffin. What kind of speech that you wanted them to be delivered during your funeral? Who else would like to attend and give speech during your funeral? Is it the President of your country scheduled to give a speech in your funeral? Is it the Prime Minister of your neighboring Country are there honored your death? Can you imagine what kind of speeches that they all will delivered in your funeral? Can you imagine what would they remembered about you and your positive impact to this world? What you have achieved and created in the whole of your entire life? How you helped make or creates a better life on Earth? Or do you wanted a simple funeral attended only by your family and closed friends? It is all up to you. You decided the end of your life. Your death. Start from there. You will find your purpose in life by imagining the end of your life. Connect the dots backward. Link the end of your life purpose with the life that you would like to design.

We Are Born To Become Champions!

We turned out to be the result of an awesome competition! If we look at the history of the birth of a human child, we will see how it turns out that we are a superior humans who were born as a result of the competition of 100 million sperm of cells shaped like tadpoles, in competing to fertilize 1 ovarian cells. Could you imagine, out of 100 million cells, there is only 1 sperm cell that will win the competition and successfully fertilize the ovary cells! And that is us!

And indeed those who are born into this world should be regarded as champions and winners of life. After competing to defeat 100 million sperm cells, humans must then incubate in the mother’s womb for more than 9 months, in complete darkness and drown in the uterine fluid, and during that time humans live with the support from his mother. When the time comes, humans will then have to struggle to get out of the womb into the real world. The struggle is not easy. Sometimes through various obstacles to face the best and the worst possibilities in the form of death. Humans who are born into the World are actually the champions, the winners who have managed to fight various kinds of struggles, competitions and battles in order to succeed and be successful in being born into the World.

Therefore, we as humans should have a winning mentality. Mental of a champion. Because basically we are a winner, a champion who has faced tough competition before we were even born. When we are at our lowest mental level, for example when we face failure in life, face the problem of competition with anyone, then remember this history.

We are the tadpole who has succeeded through a variety of exuberant tests and challenges before. Tell yourself that the problem or challenge that you are facing right now is nothing compared to the competition and struggle that we have faced before we were born into the World. And we managed to deal with everything ourselves at that time. We are the tadpole who have succeeded in winning the ovary cell fertilization competition by defeating 100 million other tadpole cells. Do not give up. Do not loose hope. We are the champions!

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